tools and services – for cybersecurity novices & for leading innovators

While ~80% of companies in Europe experience at least one cybersecurity incident per year, more than two thirds of the companies have no (or only basic) cybersecurity understanding[1]. At the same time, a number of leading cybersecurity researchers and the most innovative cybersecurity providers worldwide are European!

Therefore, there is a big gap between top-class cybersecurity research and innovation, and its actual application in Europe. With an aim of narrowing this gap, DIGITAL SME has been working with its partners to provide cybersecurity & privacy tools and services which answer varying needs of businesses with different cybersecurity maturity levels.

Free tools for SMEs stepping into the world of cybersecurity

For less digitally advanced companies which are still exploring their cybersecurity and privacy needs, it offers four handy tools free-of-charge!

The first tool is a cybersecurity self-assessment tool to evaluate a company’s cybersecurity preparedness and to increase awareness on the main aspects to be considered. Using the tool, SMEs can easily pinpoint security gaps and best practices that should be regularly followed through in terms of: office firewalls and Internet gateways; secure configuration; software patching; user and administrative accounts best practices; malware protection; awareness of password weaknesses and basic risk assessment. With a score of 50% or more, companies can also acquire a certificate! Free test is available HERE!

Cyber risk temperature tool is another item designed by for SMEs to get a first understanding of the cyber risks threatening their organization and pave the way for putting in place correct risk assessment processes. The provided questionnaire consists of two main parts: in the first one, the respondent is asked to give a personal assessment of one’s company’s IT security; while the second part features more technical questions, mainly concerning company security and cybersecurity strategy. Through the attribution of a score, SMEs will be assigned to different profiles according to their level of vulnerability and will a preliminary cyber risk assessment. Cyber risk temperature can be measured HERE.

A further tool to ‘measure temperature’ is the GDPR Temperature Tool which helps European SMEs to evaluate their GDPR Temperature! The tool can be used as an important preliminary step for SMEs to facilitate their understanding of how they should behave in order to be GDPR compliant and to avoid the concrete risk of sanctions. By answering a set of questions on data processing activities, an SME will receive an indication of the company’s risk to sanctions. The higher the temperature – the higher the risk. It takes only 15 minutes to evaluate the risk of GDPR-related sanctions HERE!

Another tool, closely related to the GDPR Temperature – is Information Notice Tool. It helps companies to comply with the GDPR requirements (articles 13 and 14) and inform their customers about data being collected. It provides a practical checklist that includes all the elements legally required to be presented to the user. Thus, it helps companies to improve their transparency towards consumers and avoid fines that may result from misconduct that is not in line with the GDPR requirements.  The Tool allows all users to download a report with information and recommendations in which are included practical steps to be followed, in order to change and improve their current privacy notice. This easy and practical tool can be accessed HERE.

Cybersecurity innovators can find something, too!

On the other hand, cybersecurity providers which are the front lines of cybersecurity innovation, can also benefit from:

  • visiting Project Radar, where companies can learn about the main trends in European cybersecurity and privacy research and innovation. The Radar provides an overview on the world-class initiatives, funded by the EU, their development and market readiness. The Radar can be visited and the main trends identified HERE.
  • free webinars on the hottest cybersecurity and privacy topics. Specialised webinars gather field experts and discuss cybersecurity applications in various sectors (healthcare, finance, etc.), as well as their implications on different technologies (IoT, blockchain, etc.). The webinars also discuss the impacts of the new regulations on European businesses, etc. Registration to the webinars is free of charge and their recordings are available HERE.

Finally, in order to support European companies in pursuit of cybersecurity solutions made in Europe, the project developed Marketplace. Organisations (SMEs and EU-funded projects) can use the Marketplace to showcase innovative solutions and products that they have developed through their research and innovation activities. Meanwhile, companies which are in need of the latest cybersecurity offer can access the Marketplace and contact providers directly!

To sum up, has taken a big step towards making cybersecurity more accessible to all small businesses and organisations across Europe, no matter their digital maturity or cybersecurity preparedness level. Every company can find something for its own needs and for further advancement of European cybersecurity!


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