Digital Single Market: SMEs as enablers of digitalization

In the framework of the Digital Single Market initiative, the European Commission published the Digital skills for SMEs booklet as developed by the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs.

This booklet will serve as a source of inspiration for SMEs that want to embrace digitalisation and acquire new skills. It contains a collection of case studies of SMEs that were able to transform their business with digital technologies as a result of gaining experience from a variety of sources. In particular,  the booklet highlights the role of digital SMEs as technology enablers for other non-digital SMEs.

“The European Commission recognizes the important role of digital SMEs in the process of digitalization. Next to highly specialized solutions, digital SMEs make available knowledge and support to non-IT small companies, such that the latter can benefit from digitalization” explains Dr. Oliver Grün, President of the European Digital SME Alliance.

The European Digital SME Alliance was among the contributors to this booklet. Several digital SMEs belonging to its membership have been selected as case studies.

The booklet is available on the website of the European Commission at Digital skills for SMEs.

Besides presenting SME case studies, the authors highlight best practices and recommendations for SMEs that want to embrace digitalization:

  • Talk to your peers in other SMEs, and collaborate with someone who can transfer and share with you both the particular technology and the digital skills you need to apply to the technology to your business.
  • Exploit the collaboration with IT specialised SMEs in your community.
  • Acquire skills and customised services through companies that are near to you.
  • Build a strong network of business partners to exchange skills and resources.
  • Take one step at the time! Focus either on technology that will help you upscale your business or on what technology that will give your product new value to your customer.