DIGITAL SME expert George Sharkov joins European Commission Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more and more at the center of ethical and regulatory debates, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance has jumped into the fast-moving train of this policy field by appointing its expert Dr. George Sharkov to the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence set up by the European Commission.

Following its commitment to set up the AI experts group, expressed in the Communication on Artificial Intelligence for Europe, the European Commission set out a call to gather 52 experts. Dr. Sharkov, who has been chosen from nearly 500 applicants, will actively contribute to the work of the experts group by highlighting the role of digital SMEs in the development of the European AI landscape.

The Commission AI experts group will support the implementation of the European strategy on AI. In particular, the experts will advise the Commission on the AI-related mid- and long-term challenges and opportunities, engage with other AI stakeholders and share AI knowledge. The group will also be tasked to propose an AI ethics guideline that will cover issues such as fairness, safety, transparency, the future of work and democracy, as well as the impact on our fundamental rights covering privacy, dignity, consumer protection and non-discrimination.

Dr. George Sharkov serves as expert on cybersecurity and AI for the European DIGITAL SME Alliance. He is also an Adviser on Cyber Defense to the Bulgarian Minister of Defense, and was National Cyber Security Coordinator for the Bulgarian Government in 2014-2017, as well as Adviser to the Bulgarian Prime Minister in 2017. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, with specialisation in applied informatics, and intelligent systems. He is delighted to be part of the Commission’s Expert Group and is looking forward to bridging the gap between research and practice in the filed of on AI and cyber security.

European DIGITAL SME Alliance also encourages its members and all the interested stakeholders to contribute to the AI discussions by joining the European AI Alliance.