DIGITAL SME launches “Present Your Business”. A series of networking opportunities to boost Europe’s digital sovereignty 

  • “Present Your Business” highlights and showcases Europe-led innovation

  • The series of events offers a platform for digital enablers to team up and scale their businesses 

  • The kick-off event will take place on 3rd of May 2023, online, featuring presentation of multiple technological solutions

Brussels, 24 April (DIGITAL SME).

The “Present Your Business” series is a platform designed to highlight the potential of European SMEs and start-ups as innovation’s drivers.

To unlock the potential of innovative companies, this series of events promotes the matching of digital solutions, fostering their competitiveness. The series will create synergies and develop digital solutions thereby nurturing an effective framework on how to adequately boost European digital sovereignty.

The initiative will be the space where innovators can present their digital solutions and partner up with fellow SMEs and start-ups to enable digital transformation of their business model. This event series will give the floor every month to five selected companies, displaying their businesses in ten minutes maximum each.

The European digital market is rapidly evolving, and SMEs are the de facto champions of innovation. Digital transformation of business is a priority of the EU´s Digital Decade. The Digital Decade objective for 2030 concerning technological uptake is for at least 75% of companies to use cloud, AI or Big Data.

Within this objective, the EU wants to ensure that more than 90% of SMEs have at least a basic level of digital intensity. With these goals in mind, “Present Your Business” is an excellent opportunity to showcase the potential of digital SMEs and start-ups and create a collaborative environment among them, unlocking opportunities to foster SMEs’ digital intensity and maximizing Europe´s innovation capacity.

“We are excited to launch the “Present Your Business” events’ series, which will bring together innovative SMEs from across Europe. By creating a platform where SMEs can collaborate, our ambition is to unlock the full potential of the digital solutions available in the European market. ”Present Your Business” will foster opportunities for SMEs and start-ups to partner up and maximise the benefits of the digital solutions available in the European market to drive Europe towards the twin transition” said DIGITAL SME’s Secretary-General Sebastiano Toffaletti.

The first session of “Present Your Business” will take place on 3 May 2023, from 14:30 to 15:30 CEST, following an online format.

Registration is now open for companies wishing to present their businesses, as well as for participants at this link. For any inquiries, please contact Giulia Zampedri (