DIGITAL SME supports initiatives such as Pulse of Europe, embracing European, open and democratic values ahead of the upcoming European Elections

  • DIGITAL SME supports common European values promoted by initiatives such as the Pulse of Europe and encourages Europeans to exercise their democratic rights for the upcoming European elections

  • Pulse of Europe is an independent citizens’ movement to strengthen European dialogue and defend democratic principles

  • By delivering human-centric digitisation Small and Medium Enterprises foster and support European values, in line with pro-European initiatives such as the Pulse of Europe

The Pulse of Europe is an independent, non-partisan, and unaffiliated citizens’ movement, strengthening the dialogue between politics and civil society. This initiative stands for improving European cohesion and democratic participation, protecting human dignity, equality, political diversity, and solidarity. Pulse of Europe also cautions against the dangers of political extremism, nationalism, and intolerance.

In light of the upcoming European elections, DIGITAL SME voices its support for the values expressed by Pulse of Europe, embracing pro-European and democratic values. DIGITAL SME also supports similar pro-European initiatives and campaigns across Europe. These are especially important in the face of the poly-crisis faced by Europe today, which is the result of the combination of rising geopolitical threats together with uncertain economic contingency, climate change, and increasing concentration of political and economic power in the hands of a few dominant market players.

Europeans need to stand united in the face of polarization and disinformation, not just for the sake of healthy democratic participation during the elections period, but also for the whole of the upcoming mandate.

Tech SMEs can rise to the global challenges and be a force for resilience, security, and prosperity for Europe. As outlined in the DIGITAL SME 2030 Manifesto: European Digital New Deal “advances in digital technologies are providing us with new tools that can help us tackle the polycrisis and create a future that is fairer, more sustainable, and more prosperous.” These advances must be complemented by sustained democratic engagement and open debates on European challenges.

A united Europe is the foundation of our economy […] the strengthening of nationalist factions in several EU countries would not only negatively affect social cohesion, but also the continent´s prosperity.

DIGITAL SME President – Dr. Oliver Grün