SMEs call to end Brexit uncertainty

European DIGITAL SME Alliance responds with concern to the no of the majority of British MPs to the Brexit deal. The UK is still scheduled to leave the EU on March 29, but the downturn throws the conduct and the timing of that departure into additional doubt.  

This heightened uncertainty is certainly problematic and might have damaging consequences for digital SMEs.  “The UK leaving with no deal will have disastrous effects on the economy, and small and medium sized enterprises in the ICT sector will make no exception”. Stated Oliver Gruen, President of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance. “The continued uncertainty and lack of clarity under which rules digital SMEs will conduct their business in future, as well as the drastic reduction of investments, threaten the British and European ICT landscape”. He added. “It is important to reach an agreement that gives security and stability to SMEs and investors both in the UK and in the rest of the EU.”

Although the diversion of the British is saddening for the European idea and values and weakens the European Single Market in the digital sector, it is the UKs decision to leave the Union. However, parting the EU without a deal will cause profound damages for European digital SMEs. To prevent that, if United Kingdom leaves, it must leave with a well-structured deal, clearly establishing the terms of withdrawal and foreseeing a sufficient transition period for both parties to adapt accordingly. Therefore, DIGITAL SME is hopeful that the UK can present such a plan as soon as possible with a fair compromise agreement so to reduce uncertainty for the economy as a whole and minimise harm for both citizens and businesses.

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