About the campaign

#digitalSME4skills campaign unites digital SMEs (software developers, tech integrators, etc.) throughout Europe in order to equip workforce with digital skills and offer highly skilled professionals to all industry sectors!

Digital SMEs that subscribe to the campaign offer work experience schemes, namely Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Internships, to train ICT professionals (mainly pupils, students and young practitioners but also to unemployed, older and disabled people). The campaign aims to reach 5.000 trained ICT professionals by 2019.

What are the benefits for SMEs?

SMEs that commit themselves to train ICT professionals become part of an extensive SMEs’ network participating in the campaign, and

  • get the right to use #digitalSME4skills label;
  • are provided with the press release template;
  • benefit from the publicity through campaign’s networks, European DIGITAL SME Alliance website and social media.

Read more about the pledge here.

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