ECSO Cybersecurity WG4 “Support to SMEs, coordination with Countries and Regions” – 15 May, Rome

On 15th May in Rome, DIGITAL SME together with ECSO – the European Cyber-Security Organisation, organise an open meeting of ECSO Working Group 4 in Rome on “Cyber-Security – support to SMEs, coordination with Countries and Regions“.

The event will gather various SMEs (members and non-members of ECSO) across the EU and beyond to engage in a pragmatic dialogue with public administration and private sector, to identify the challenges faced by SMEs and define together concrete actions to be taken in the context of the implementation of the Public Private Partnership  on cybersecurity.

The event is supported by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development and is organised in partnership with CLUSIT and CNA ICT.

Participants will be invited to reflect upon the following questions:

  • What are the existing investment mechanisms specific for SMEs and regions? What are the main barriers to use EU funding?
  • How to foster the dialogue with large companies/integrators?
  • What is the specific position of SMEs on the certification process (for both users  and providers)?
  • What is the value of an efficient territorial cooperation on cybersecurity (both on industrial policy and risk management)?
  • How to boost the demand for SMEs solutions and facilitate the SMEs’ access to public procurement markets? Could a “Made in EU” label and its related catalogue facilitate the procurement oriented towards EU SMEs? How should it be set?

In order to have a fruitful discussion, the event will be structured around 4 panels (see agenda).

We are delighted to invite representatives of SMEs and start ups to register by filling the registration link by 8th May at the latest. For further information, please, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Danilo D’Elia (danilo.delia(at)