DIGITAL SME is looking for innovative SMEs and startups that are greening the European economy through their sustainable digital solutions.

The European Green Digital Coalition is a brand-new initiative by the European Parliament, implemented by the European Commission’s DG CNECT. Its goal is to gather Europe’s top digital and green innovators and start a movement to inspire other companies to follow the path of sustainable digitalisation.

If you are working in an innovative ICT SME or startup that enables climate-friendly business practices, you can support the European Green Digital Coalition’s draft declaration by filling in your details below!

Digital Day 2021

We want to put innovative & green SMEs at the heart of the Green Digital Coalition.

If we manage to gather a strong sample of SMEs that support this declaration, we will push to include the CEOs of the best three (or more) supporting companies to join the public signature ceremony of the Green Digital Coalition at the Digital Day 2021 on 19 March in Porto, Portugal. The ceremony will feature the Portuguese Council Presidency, EC Vice-President Thierry Breton, and several other high-level figures.

To be considered for a nomination to this event, please make sure to include your signature in the pledge!

Please find a draft version of the Green Digital Coalition Declaration here:


Sign the Declaration!

European Green Digital Coalition -- SME Pledgers & Associations

The following enterprises and associations have already signed the Declaration:

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