ETSI General Assembly: SME representative, Massimo Vanetti, elected as Vice Chair

  • On 29 November, elections took place at the General Assembly of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

  • Convenor of DIGITAL SME WG Standards, Massimo Vanetti was re-elected as the Vice Chair of the General Assembly until 31 December 2024. Together with Secretary-General Sebastiano Toffaletti (ETSI board member), they will drive forward inclusiveness in the ETSI managing bodies.

  • Bettina Funk, CEO of ITS and Magnus Madfors, Ericsson were elected as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, of the ETSI General Assembly.

Brussels, 30 November 2022 (DIGITAL SME/SBS). Small business representation at ETSI will remain strong for the next mandate period. At Tuesday’s General Assembly elections, DIGITAL SME/SBS expert Massimo Vanetti was re-elected as Vice Chair of the General Assembly. Massimo’s election for a second term formally recognises his far-reaching engagement for the interests of small businesses in standardisation.

Previously shareholder of three small ICT companies, Massimo is a now a Senior Consultant supporting companies in digital transformation. He is actively involved in several Industry 4.0 projects in which interoperability and adoption of standards are key factors.

He has been appointed by various SME associations as a member of several joint committees that provide scientific and technical guidance. Currently, besides being a CNA ICT associate, he serves as Chair of the DIGITAL SME Working Group Standards. He has been a member of oneM2M Technical Plenary since 2016, appointed by Small Business Standards (SBS). Massimo is also a member of ETSI STF 547 and also the rapporteur for one of the deliverables.

Not only is the re-election of Massimo a clear sign of ETSI’s commitment to inclusion of SMEs, ETSI is also continuing to push for women’s inclusion in standardisation. Bettina Funk, CEO of the Swedish Information and Telecommunications Standardisation (ITS) is replacing Neviana Nikoloski as the Chair of the General Assembly. Magnus Madfors (Ericsson) was also elected as the second Vice Chair of the General Assembly.

DIGITAL SME would like to thank Ms. Nikoloski for her tenure at ETSI, where she led important initiatives to support more inclusiveness and ensure ETSI’s adherence to the European Standardisation Strategy.

DIGITAL SME looks forward to working with the new leadership to continue its support for inclusiveness and increase awareness of SMEs’ important role in standardisation during Europe’s era of innovation and digital transformation of the continent’s economy.



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