EGDC Deployment Guidelines – Workshop for the construction/building sector

As part of the European Green Digital Coalition Pilot Project, DIGITAL SME is co-organising a series of 6 workshops targeting key EU industries

This workshop will bring together developers, providers and buyers/users of digital solutions with the potential to enable a positive net carbon impact* for the Building/Construction sector, as well as sustainable finance representatives, sectorial experts and policy makers to gather their insights and co-create the contents of the Deployment Guidelines that will be developed by the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC) European Parliament Pilot Project.

The Deployment Guidelines will provide recommendations to:

  • Maximise carbon, resource and energy savings via digital solutions;
  • Minimise a solution’s emissions as well as other potential negative climate impacts;
  • Define metrics and track them to understand the solutions’ impact;
  • Understand other sustainability impacts of the solutions, e.g., health or social impacts.

*Digital Solutions with the potential to enable a positive net carbon impact are technologies that can help users avoid or reduce climate-harming greenhouse gas emissions, usually through a reduction or avoidance of resource use (e.g. fuel, electricity, raw materials, etc.).

In the Building/Construction sector, an example would be a building management system that optimises cooling and heating systems, reducing energy consumption.

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