PISTIS Living Lab Event: Exploring Data Connectivity for Data-Driven Companies

In an era characterized by the exponential growth of data and its profound impact on companies worldwide, the inaugural PISTIS Living Lab event stands as a brand-new platform to unravel the untapped potential held within data spaces. Our primary focus rests upon recognising the transformative power embedded within these expansive digital landscapes and understanding their role in fostering connections within the realm of modern business.

This event represented an opportunity to delve into the innovative solutions developed by PISTIS for seamless connection to data spaces. Participants gained comprehensive insights into the cutting-edge technology and strategies employed by PISTIS, providing a unique chance to understand the future landscape of data interaction.

One of the key highlights of this event was the practical demonstration of use cases employed by SMEs, which allowed participants to witness first-hand how these solutions can function in real-world scenarios. Through these interactive demonstrations, attendees grasped a deeper understanding of how PISTIS developments aim to facilitate interaction with data spaces, offering a tangible perspective on their functionalities and applications.

The event was organised under the HORIZON Europe – funded PISTIS project’s framework, aiming to establish a secure platform supporting SMEs in data sharing, trading, and exchange while fostering a culture of collaboration and practical business solutions.

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Moderator: Costanza Pestarino, Project Manager, European DIGITAL SME Alliance

14:00 - 14:05

Welcome & Introduction

Costanza Pestarino, Project Manager, European DIGITAL SME Alliance

14:05 - 14:25

Presentation of PISTIS Project: Mission & Challenges

Sotiris Koussouris, Managing Director, Suite5

14:25 - 14:35

Exploring Urban Innovation: PISTIS Mobility and Urban Planning Hub

Nikolaos Papagiannopoulos, Senior Project Manager, Athens International Airport

14:35 - 14:45

Powering the Future: PISTIS Energy Sector Demonstrator Hub

Pablo Blázquez Martín, Smart Grid Engineer, Cuerva Energia

14:45 - 14:55

Innovation and Transportation: PISTIS Automotive Sector Demonstrator Hub

Alexander Stocker, Project Manager, Virtual Vehicle

14:55 - 15:00

Closing Remarks

Antonio Grasso, Public Affairs Director, European DIGITAL SME Alliance