The European AI Act and digital SMEs

DIGITAL SME’s Focus Group Artificial Intelligence organised a workshop “The European AI Act and Digital SMEs?” on 9 March 2022, 10.00-11.30 CET, hosted by MEP Tudorache.



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On 21 April 2021, the European Commission published a legislative proposal for a European AI Act. The European DIGITAL SME Alliance generally welcomes a European approach to regulating Artificial Intelligence (AI). The EU’s vision for ethical AI and strengthening  user  choice  and  control  may  be  able  to  set  Europe apart in global competition and a common European approach is preferred over national regulation. Yet, in addition to becoming the frontrunner when it comes to ethical AI and regulation, Europe needs to support AI innovation, development, and market uptake by European companies. Against this background, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance believes that the proposal for a European Act on AI requires additional efforts to ensure the right balance between innovation and regulation.

As it is now time for the European Parliament to study, review, and vote on the proposal, we are holding a workshop to discuss DIGITAL SME’s position with relevant stakeholders. With this debate, we aim at placing European SMEs’ perspective on the agenda and give input to policymakers in the Parliament.


10.00 – 10.20 Welcome & Introduction: The AI Act & SMEs

  • Welcome by Sebastiano Toffaletti, European DIGITAL SME Alliance
  • MEP Dragoş Tudorache, rapporteur at the LIBE committee of the European Parliament
10.20 – 11.10 Panel discussion: Benefits & hurdles for SMEs stemming from AI regulation

With the help of a panel of experts from European ICT SMEs, we aim at addressing some of the concerns highlighted by DIGITAL SME’s members regarding the potential impact of the proposition on European SMEs.

  • MEP Dragoş Tudorache – Rapporteur at the LIBE committee of the European Parliament
  • Thomas Bäck – Owner and CEO of divis intelligent solutions GmbH & Computer Science Professor at Leiden University 
  • Emilia Tantar – Founder and Chief Data & AI Officer – BlackSwan LUX
  • David Haber Founder & CEO Lakera AI
  • Mislav Malenica – Founder & CEO Mindsmiths

Moderated by Mr. Andrei Kelemen Cluj IT

11.10 – 11.25 Q&A Session with the audience
11.25 – 11.30 Closing remarks by Annika Linck, European DIGITAL SME Alliance

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