Towards Quality Assurance in Machine Learning: Compliance with the AI Act, in practice

As part of the EU-funded project EUHubs4Data, DIGITAL SME’s AI Focus Group is organising an SME Roadshow workshop on quality assurance in machine learning.

The workshop will be led by Yunus Emrah Bulut, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Validaitor, a spin-off at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology which develops tools and platforms to ensure quality in artificial intelligence.

Mr. Bulut will deliver key insights on the vulnerabilities of machine learning and will provide practical advice on how to implement quality and risk management systems for AI. The workshop insights will be based on real-life examples and participants are welcome to share their own experiences, questions and insights on the issue.

This is why the event will take place in the framework of the SME Roadshow of EUHubs4Data, which seeks to build a European federation of Data Innovation Hubs, connecting data incubators and platforms, SME networks, AI communities, skills and training organisations and open data repositories.

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