The platform creates a positive environment for stakeholders to discuss how digital solutions can address the current challenges in healthcare while accessing the service offer stemming from DIGITAL SME and the SHIFT-HUB project.


As a horizontal topic, the e-health ecosystem significantly relies on the concrete application of a variety of physical devices and digital technologies, to improve the healthy living and wellbeing of the EU citizens.

With SHIFT-HUB, DIGITAL SME is creating a wide community to create a bridge between SMEs active in the digital sector, private and public healthcare organisations, innovation intermediaries and patients.

the services

Receive tailored information on available and upcoming open calls, including support from the SHIFT-HUB partners to create consortia.

Organisation of technology deep-dives to exchange best practices, and ideas and showcase their application in the healthcare sector. The Members of the Focus Group will be allowed to participate in all the internal meetings.

Interact with other Members, share, and get access to online hosted resources that match your services offer and interests.

Access to a catalogue of digital services providers and connect, network and participate in B2B meetings.

Your organisation’s logo will be publicly featured on the Focus Group page and linked to SHIFT-HUB’s Community.

the pathologies

Chronic diseases


mental disorders

cardiovascular diseases

disease prevention

Active members of the FG e-Health will be prioritised vis a vis other stakeholders for activities proposed within the group and those related to the SHIFT-HUB service offer. In addition, Members will have access to all the funding opportunities published on DIGITAL SME’s portal relevant to the e-health sector, despite any Membership requirements.