Expression of Interest in Funding for Experts on ICT Standardisation

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance has opened an expression of interest for experts who would like to join 2026, a project that will offer them funding opportunities to work in international standardisation bodies.

StandICT 2026 has received funding from Horizon Europe, to connect European stakeholders ecosystems, including SMEs, with European and International standardisation bodies and other relevant stakeholders. Following this expression of interest, the project will be launching and managing a robust and efficient facility supporting the Fellowship Programme with a total of € 2.925.000 funding earmarked over 3 years with 9 Open Calls.

Applications are open to individuals or natural persons residing in the European Member States and Associate Countries from both public and private sectors, industry and service companies including SMEs and start-ups, academia and research, and national and European associations. In particular, the target of this expression of interest are European specialists who want to be involved in the development of standards.

The first round of open calls is expected to be launched in May 2023. Those who will submit the expression of interest before the end of April will be the first ones to be notified once the call opens.

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance will organise an Early Bird Infosession in the Working Group on Standards, which is open for Members of Members and European Digital Innovatos Club Members.


  • Indicatively €6.500 per open call (over six months)
  • Up to a total maximum of €60.000 over the 9 open calls and the three year period.

Please fill in the following section to express your interest. DIGITAL SME will share with you all relevant information regarding the 9 calls and other information related to the standards academy, mentorship programs, publications, etc.

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