Open Call for Experts in ICT Standardisation

StandICT 2026, a project funded by the European Union under Horizon Europe, has launched its first open call to support the participation of European standardisation specialists in key international SDOs.

The call is open for applications that address any of the topics of the Multi-Stakeholder Platform Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisationwhich will be considered of equal validity and merit during the evaluation process. In particular, due to their current strategic importance, applications focusing on the topics of Metaverse and the Digital Product Passport are highly encouraged.

The targets of 2026’s Open Calls are European Specialists who:

  • Have profound knowledge in one of the priority areas supported by the open calls;
  • Have experience regarding developments of standards, e.g., in SDOs, in reputable organisations and Standardisation communities, or when creating harmonised standards in open source developments;
  • Are individuals or natural persons residing in European Member States and Associated Countries;
  • Are not receiving support from other instruments (PPPs, EU or national R&I projects) for the proposed activities. In particular, open calls will target representatives from SMEs and academia.

Three types of proposals can be funded under the Open Calls:

1) Proposal type: LT – Long term contribution (with travel option)

  • Description: Contribution to ongoing standards development as a chair, convener, rapporteur or member of an SDO WG. E.g. comments on standards development and drafts, attending meetings also as an observer, paying membership fees.
  • Maximum Contract Duration: 6 months
  • Funding Range: Up to €10,000

2) Proposal type: ST – Short-Term contributions (with travel option)

  • Description: Contribution to standards documentation, e.g. liaison to WG, comments on standards drafts, participation at meeting paying membership or registration fees.
  • Maximum Contract Duration: 3 months
  • Funding Range: Up to €5,000

3) Proposal type: OS – One-Shot contributions

  • Description: Support to ensure participation at workshops or events (e.g., participant, observer, presentation)
  • Maximum Contract Duration: 3 months
  • Funding Range: Up to €3,000

Under this call, eligible costs will include:

  • Personal Working Effort (this cannot exceed the EU maximum daily rate of 450 Euros)
  • Travel costs
  • Event registration fee(s)
  • Membership fee(s) for SDO & SSO organisations

For more information on the topic priorities of the call and the procedural requirements for the applications, please follow this link.

Deadline for submission: 10 July 2023, 17:00 CEST.

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