Showcasing technological solutions addressing climate challenges. Digital SMEs recognised in this category have embraced environmental responsibility and demonstrated that technology can be a force for positive change by developing solutions that have a positive climate impact*. These SMEs are setting a powerful precedent for the broader industry.

*Digital Solutions with a positive climate impact are solutions that contribute to reduce or save greenhouse gas emissions.


some of the digital solutions that can be presented, but not limited to these sectors

Smart Energy Management Systems

Helping to simplify, reduce and manage the energy consumption

Smart Mobility Solutions

Transportation solutions that are greener, safer, and more efficient

Precision Farming solutions

For site-specific crop management

Waste management and circularity solutions

Deadline: 10 October 2024 // 23:59 CEST

the winner

iKnowHow SA


the finalists






the jury members

Veronika Thieme

Head of delivery – Europe (The Carbon Trust)

Vlad C. Coroama

Founder (Roegen Centre for Sustainability)

Idriss Brockmann-Serbis

CEO, Digital Transformation & Sustainability Consultant (NightlyCode GmbH)