“Ideas Powered for Business”: helping SMEs embrace Intellectual Property

  • The EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has launched a new hub to promote SME-adoption of patents, designs, and trademarks

  • Having long worked to raise awareness about the importance of IP for SMEs, DIGITAL SME is partnering with EUIPO to promote the initiative

  • During a live-streamed webinar last week, EUIPO experts presented the new initiative which includes an IP dispute-resolution service specifically for European SMEs

Brussels/Alicante, 28 September (DIGITAL SME). “It is important for European SMEs to realise the benefits of intellectual property and defend their claims against big tech groups.” Rasmus Keller, co-chair of DIGITAL SME’s working group on legal matters (“WG Legal”) had clear words about the importance of intellectual property for SMEs. But few small businesses really embrace intellectual property. The main reason is a lack of resources—and a fear of lengthy and costly legal disputes.

EUIPO’s ambitious plan for a “positive change of mindset” among SMEs

“Innovation is the cornerstone of most digital SMEs; hence the importance of promoting the benefits of protecting innovation assets as intellectual property rights (patents, designs, trade secrets, etc.) among these enterprises”, explained Nicolas Vigneron, SME Programme Manager at EUIPO’s Alicante-based office.

As part of its Strategic Plan 2025, the SME Programme under EUIPO’s “Ideas Powered for business” brand aims to support and empower SMEs on their journey toward embracing intellectual property. The recently launched ‘Ideas Powered for business’ hub offers made-to-measure information to SMEs, as well as the possibility to sign up for free personalised legal advice on their intellectual property questions.

DIGITAL SME joins initiative to promote IP for SMEs

Last week’s joint webinar “IP Dispute Resolution for SMEs—finding rapid and amicable solutions with the help of EUIPO” marked the start of a joint initiative to promote intellectual property among digital SMEs in Europe. Further planned activities include training initiatives, webinars, and the development of an SME-guide for Intellectual Property.

DIGITAL SME has also recently launched a new Working Group, “WG Legal”, which will gather digital SMEs from across Europe to develop statements and positions on behalf of the organisation in the area of Intellectual Property. Silvana Marcotulli, who co-chairs the group, said: “The collaboration with the EUIPO can be a stepping stone to support knowledge and awareness about IP among ICT SMEs. We welcome this long-term engagement and look forward to a successful collaboration!”

You can follow EUIPO on their Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages as well as on their website, and stay tuned for more collaborative actions coming up!