“Meet a digital SME for breakfast” at the European Parliament!

On 5 February 2020, Members of the European Parliament will get the chance to meet an innovative European enterprise to discuss SME competitiveness and the digital transformation. As part of our ‘Meet a digital SME’ series, DIGITAL SME and MEP Petra Kammerevert will be hosting a breakfast in the European Parliament. The aim is to provide a direct channel between MEPs and ICT SMEs from across Europe to make sure that their voices are heard in political discussions in Brussels.

The European Union is developing an SME Strategy which will propose measures to enhance SME competitiveness, including SME skills development. Over the past two years, DIGITAL SME has been part of a consortium working to deliver recommendations on how to increase the skills level in SMEs. We have developed an SME Skills Strategy for 2030, which we will be presenting during the ‘Meet a digital SME’ breakfast. In addition, we will give the floor to SMEs to present their businesses and how they contribute to the digital transformation in Europe.

This event is by invitation only. If you are an SME or an MEP, you can register by sending an email to Annika Linck (a.linck@digitalsme.eu). If you would like to speak at the event, please mention it in the email.


Draft Agenda

08.00–08.10 Opening remarks (MEPs)

08.10–08.20 Skills for SMEs Strategy (DIGITAL SME)

08.20–09.15 Roundtable: views from SMEs and MEPs

09.15–09.30 Closing Remarks