FEDERATED DATA-DRIVEN EXPERIMENTATION – Practical lessons from EUH4D experience

EUH4D is organizing on the 23rd of March the Data Forum event for 2023. The event is going to be physical associated with Data Spaces Symposium& Deep-Dive Day event and the topic for this year will be: FEDERATED DATA-DRIVEN EXPERIMENTATION – Practical lessons from EUH4D experience”.

The creation of common data spaces is very promising to foster data sharing in Europe, in this sense, it is interesting to highlight the work of different initiatives and projects in recent years paving the way towards a vibrant EU economy based on dataaddressing obstacles for data-driven experimentation, and producing a myriad of resources, assets, learning experience and best practices that your organization should not ignore.

EUHubs4Data as the major EU initiative focused on data driven experimentation has been working on the federation of assets, connection of key knowledge among hubs, building a federated and cross-border catalogue of services and datasets and make it available to European organizations and in particular supporting data-driven experimentation by SME and start-ups.

Our major outcomes include a working deployment of IDSA connectors between data hubs and a catalogue manager that organizes the publication and sharing of EUHubs4Data catalogue assets, a federated network of data hubs covering most EU countries and 42 data-driven experiments thanks to which we are the frontrunners in extracting lessons on how to deal with the complex regulatory environment and ethical aspects associated to data and AI applications.

The Data Forum this year will compile all this learning experience and will share it with an audience eager to accelerate the development of data-driven applications and services. If you are interested in data spaces, you should not miss this event. Thanks to EUH4D you will acquire a lot of knowledge to use in our data space development path.

To register for the event, please fill out the form here. The agenda and all relevant information are available on the EUH4D website Data Forum 2023 section.

The event is going to be held in The Hague, Netherlands, at the Postillon Conference Area.

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