IT Security Tuesday: Multi-factor authentication: how to choose the right method for my company

In our Webinar Series “IT Security Tuesday”, our expert group for IT security present modern solutions from all areas of cybersecurity.

The classic login via username and password is a common gateway for successful cyber attacks and is no longer sufficient to secure login processes. Since NIS 2, multi-factor authentication (MFA) has become indispensable. By using secure MFA in the enterprise, social engineering, phishing and lateral movement in ransomware attacks can be specifically defended against and covered up, but the use of MFA in the enterprise context is often associated with high effort and a lack of transparency. In addition, not every method brings the same and expected level of security, ease of use and cost.

At the 44th edition of BITMi IT Security Tuesday, Bare.ID provides a brief insight into the differences between the various existing procedures and shows how to make the best choice for your company.

The event is free of charge, registration is requested.

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