New ‘Innovation Associate’ funding opportunity for SMEs!

Innovation is expensive. Big tech companies have a huge advantage over smaller digital players, who have a hard time competing with their bigger competitors’ R&D capacities. The EU has recognized this challenge to fair market competition and outlined funding opportunities for SMEs in the Innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises work programme.

Today, 3 September 2019, a call for an ‘Innovation Associate’ full-ride funding opportunity is opening at the Commission’s funding & tender opportunities website. 

The opportunity aims at “SMEs that can demonstrate that the skills required for a particular innovation idea are not within reach for them at a national level.” The winner of the funding opportunity can then hire a full-time highly skilled researcher as an ‘innovation associate’ for the period of one year. “The innovation associate’s task will be to explore, during the course of his/her contract, the potential of their innovative idea and turn it into an innovation project,” the website specifies.

DIGITAL SME encourages its members and constituents to pursue this opportunity and boost their own product development and innovation efforts!


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