Online course ‘European e-competence Framework for SMEs’


If you are an ICT entrepreneur or an ICT professional and you have never heard of the European e-competence framework (eCF), then this section is for you!

The eCF provides a ‘common language’ to be used among ICT professionals and entrepreneurs, HR specialists, etc. For example, it helps ICT entrepreneurs to orientate among different ICT skills and therefore eases the recruitment process, it helps to assess upskilling and training needs in the company, and much more!

Take a quick break and ‘learn the eCF language’ with the three short lessons below which were produced by the Small Business Standards.

Lesson One: What are the standards for digital competences and why do we need them?

Lesson Two. European e-competence framework and its usage

Lesson Three. Why your SME should use European e-Competence Framework?