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AR Market operates in the XR Immersive sector for B2B. We rethink websites into scalable, interactive and navigable 360° web spaces based on 360° pictures and rendered digital twins, working on all devices to reach and amaze any audience and easily customizable through unique CMS functionality. For Entertainment, Events, Fashion & Retail, Arts & Training. Our point of difference is the unique self-provisioning Content Management System (CMS) for customization enabling B2B clients to update their contents in full autonomy for unlimited and on-going use of their virtual environment. We add a library of extra services and AR/VR/ 3D/Gaming content for upselling. We develop in house with our team of XR developers, 3D artist and graphic/game designers. Awarded with Horizon SOE, Ernst&Young Prize at Marzotto and more. Accelerated by Immediate (first European Accelerator in Media & Entertainment) in 2022 and Innovit Innovation Hub San Francisco in 2023.


We are looking for new business opportunities and new clients at European level to offer our services standardized or customized based on their specific needs. We are focused on B2B Clients across multiple verticals (mainly operating in Fashion, Retail, Events, Arts, Entertainment, Education and Training).


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