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Odin Solutions (OdinS) is a SME founded in August 2014 and accredited as an innovative ICT company by MINECO and ANCES. OdinS has a strong background in the R&D fields of Internet of Things, Edge/Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and Data Analytic which have been proven in +15 Spanish innovation projects, 16 H2020 research projects, 4 HorizonEU projects like NEPHELE, REWIRE, ARMOUR, CPaaS.io, ANASTACIA, IoT-Crawler, DEMETER, Fed4IoT, 5GinFire, Plug-n-Harvest, PHOENIX, PRECEPT, Smart2B among others. The OdinS personnel have strong expertise in research and development of IoT embedded systems and data management platforms for water/energy efficiency, security and tele-management of infrastructures. OdinS has several patents in the area of monitoring and tele-control systems. OdinS provides secure, open, flexible and interoperable products able to connect infrastructures and mobile platforms for Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Precision Agriculture, Water Management, eHealth and Industry 5.0. The multidisciplinary and enterprising team of OdinS works to face new challenges of a society that is becoming more connected and technological. OdinS considers the R&I collaboration activities as the best inversion to achieve more competitive products and solutions. Therefore, OdinS is a member of the international organizations such as 6G-AI, FIWARE Foundation, IoT-Forum and AIOTI (Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation), Agora Digital Innovation Hub, AgroTech Spain for dissemination and collaboration activities. OdinS has participated on R&D projects in international Public-Private Partnerships (i.e. 5G PPP and ECSO cPPP). Our internal organization and processes are compliant with international ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 27001. Moreover, the R&I team participates actively in different standardization institutions (IETF, IRTF, ETSI, ISO, IEEE) for defining IoT, cybersecurity and interoperability protocols.


<p>Flexibility service provision</p>

<p>The Smart Parking solution leverages the information coming from the private parking sites, as well as the information coming from the expenders of the Regulated Parking Zones in the city centre. Moreover, this information is the corner stone for building a new recommendation service of smart parking for the citizens. So, the user can specify their destination area together with the expected hour and the recommendation service will provide the area and parking site more likely to has free parking spots, reducing therefore the amount of time spent for such a daily task.
To achieve that, we leverage the information sharing from the MiMurcia FIWARE-based platform in which OdinS participate during its development in order to integrate data from different urban services about the city of Murcia. Nowadays, the MiMurcia platform includes data about incidences, climatic conditions, energy consumption and generation, traffic, parking areas, and public transport. One of the data models used to get data about bicycle parking spots is included as reference.
The smart parking solution based on IoT and AI technologies can solve this urban challenge through the use of a multimodal approach to encourage the usage of public and green transport through an efficient access to either the city centre or strategic points nearby it. To cope with such objective, a smart city solution could provide a two-tier trip. In the first tier the system would collect occupancy data from indoor and outdoor parking areas, which would be processed in order to recommend itineraries to a point to where left the car. From here, in the second tier, the system would provide a chain of public transport stops or bike sharing spots, which would be used to finally reach the destination. This solution would diminish traffic jams in the city centre, at the same time greener and healthy transport means would be promoted among the population.
This applicant will focus on solving the urban challenge by extending and improving the smart parking solution developed in the H2020 IoTCrawler project for persons with reduced mobility to achieve a pre-commercial solution in TRL7-8. To do that, we plan the following main tasks:
- Co-creation and co-design of a novel smart parking solution for reduced mobility.
- Development and integration using IoT and AI technologies.
- Demonstration and validation in a real-world scenario in Murcia city.
- Initializing the communication and dissemination by showcasing the Murcia pilot
- Definition of potential business exploitation, market introduction & public-private partnership.</p>


We are looking for partners to exploit internationally our products and also to collaborate in EU research projects.


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