Preo software AG

Member of ASSINTEL


PREO Software AG is a professional partner for the purchase and sale of used software licences. Medium-sized and large companies and organisations use PREO to integrate used software licences into their procurement strategies in a compliant and uncomplicated manner. By working with PREO, you can lighten your IT budget. With our participation in your software projects, you will gain the important advantages possible today in terms of cost efficiency, licence management and hybrid licensing scenarios. Complete security of compliance and maximum transparency of all transaction steps are what makes PREO a credible and high-quality option.


In the same spirit that animates our participation in Assintel, we are interested in making our reality known to medium-large companies, in networking by looking for companies with which to set up partnerships, and in general in raising awareness and informing about a correct approach to the world of legal and safe used software licences, in the key of greater environmental and economic sustainability of circular economy.