ABOUT US is Berlin-based AI startup. We developed a plattform, where AI Agents work and AI Agents. Intelligent Agents are advanced software components that leverage AI and data analytics to deliver reliable, real-time intelligence. Agents connect various data sources, engage with AI models through prompts, and generate reports, alerts, and interactive dashboards. Each specialized Agent performs specific tasks, such as monitoring companies or analyzing technologies, providing users with seamless access to deep insights and supporting data-driven strategies. OUR AI AGENTS PLATFORM CONNECTS USERS TO AI Our AI Agents Platform makes Agents interoperable. It offers a user-friendly interface for controlling agents and reviewing real-time results. It provides a highly extensible and scalable, infrastructure for seamless access to diverse agents, data sources and AI models. We understand the importance of making AI Agents interoperable, and our platform is designed with this principle in mind. Seamlessly connecting diverse agents, data sources, and AI models, our platform offers a cohesive ecosystem where intelligence flows effortlessly, providing you with a comprehensive view of your data landscape.


In a world overwhelmed with information, introduces AI Agents as digital knowledge workers. Amongst other use cases, agents support government institutions in performing foresight activities.

City / Region where the solution was deployed

Berlin, Germany


We are looking for investment, 5 million seed, at 3 million soft close. With my past at SAP, I see our startup in the future grow to a strong european software company, empowering especially SMEs, but also big companies (we already serve several fortune 500 companies)..