Member of Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LIC)


EasyFlow works with video data analysis to quantify what happens in the real world. By harnessing Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, at EasyFlow we turn real world data into actionable business insights. EasyFlow is an AI product development spinoff from a leading Baltic software developer Agmis. We are team of data engineers, data analytics, developers working as product team with various use cases in manufacturing, retail, UAV. We create custom developed applications from scratch using our own data engineers, architects and developers


From our portfolio we see 3 different scenarios : 1. System integrators/robotics/automation providers which do not have AI and computer vision in house 2. SME's or large companies which has hard or "almost impossible to solve" case in quality check. 3. RTO's, universities, SME's who wants to create partnership for EU projects and needs additional IT companies


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