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Arxit has created and owns the Brand “Dorsali Digitali™”, Enterprise™ and Territory™. The Enterprise™ allows complex Ecosystems such as Business Associations, Companies with thousands of Client Companies but also Public Institutions to be able to generate communication, information, personalized training for individual Companies or for Companies of the same Industry, as well as making use of customized products and services on specific needs of the individual customer with B2B logic.
The “Digital Territory Backbones™” in the B2C, B2B2C, B2TargetC and B2B2TargetC fields allow single public and private companies to reach citizens through Touchpoint networks on the Territory that are organized thanks to the use of the Digital Backbone™; hundreds of thousands of points on the Territories available to Companies for exponential economic development.
The “Digital Backbones™” do not involve investments or costly involvement by own IT department; they are free for everyone. The companies pay a fee when they sell and pay in “pay per use mode” any information they wish to have in order to be able to communicate correctly and personalize their products and services.
The Development of Territories and Cities is ensured by Arxit by the only “Ciclope™” viewer, which ensures that all citizens of the world can benefit from the value of all companies in the world, and that companies around the world can reach every individual in custom shape on your profile. The combination of “Ciclope™” and “DxMarkerEVO™” by Arxit, used on television, on paper, on city assets, on all documentation, on packages, on credit or prepaid cards, etc. allow Enterprises and Public Institutions to reach and engage citizens and SME in the territories with services and products.
It is possible to make use of all possible calls to action such as informing, teaching, voting, ordering, purchasing, paying, following chatbots, registering on the blockchain, playing, etc.
The contents linked to the DxMarkerEVO™ change automatically according to the profile of the individual, his ethnicity, the geography in which he is located, the time, the succession of views performed with Ciclope™, the Citizen neighborhood in which he lives or is located, the menu customized that is activated .. in other words, the members of the same family, framing the DxMarkerEVO™ on television at the same time, they will see different contents.
It is the “Systemic Digitization™” of Arxit, consisting of Digital Backbone™, Cyclops™, DxMarkerEVO™ was created thinking of the Development of Territories and Companies in the logic of a Circular and Inclusive Economy, allowing Citizens of Cities to be able to use goods and services at reduced costs and customized.
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