Artificial Intelligence

Italy · Member of ASSINTEL


Athics is an Italian cognitive science company, that operates on the market to make innovation accessible to everyone, in order to enhance the ability to achieve any goal. In line with this view, Athics has developed artificial intelligence solutions, such as: - a Conversational AI platform for chatbot creation, based on an innovative "bricks architecture" that allows users to independently select the chatbot's behavior and assign additional functionalities to the conversational flow. Virtual assistants created with CRAFTER.AI™ may handle up to 98% of conversations independently, while customers that may need further human assistance can be transferred to a live agent anytime, thanks to the handover feature. While customers chat with operators, virtual assistants remain active to support agents, by suggesting the most appropriate answers and keep learning from interactions. - PortrAIt, a psychometric profiling technology that detects users' main personality traits during real-time conversations by analyzing the "function words" used within a few rounds of conversations and consequently allows you to anticipate the best suitable content and communication style for every single interaction. PortAIt is the result of 12 years of research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Bruno Kessler Foundation of Trento. The research used a data set of over 20,000 profiles carried out with ordinary techniques, such as the Big Five models (OCEAN), Life satisfaction, Schwartz Values, and IQ, which were used as control tests to verify the quality of the algorithm, subsequently applied on millions of social profiles. The result is a real-time profiling technology capable of returning more than 80 psychometric traits relating to people's attitudes, personalities, behaviors, and values.


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