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We.Network City.App is a new service to cover the need for enhanced communication and interaction within a city and communities of citizen. Current functionalities:
1) Message channel - a sender is informing a community, e.g. university news (students), kindergarten messages (parents), updates from the town hall (citizens),
2) Structured information for citizens: e.g. pandemic status and regulation, information on city services,
3) Integration of external content: any external offering can be integrated, after release of the operator (city),
4) Classification of channels, apps etc. into themes – based on personal preferences.
For transparent networking between and to citizens, the service is based on a value guideline fostering fairness, transparency, privacy.
A city app for Karlsruhe has been released as a minimum viable product (MVP) and is continuously improved (iOS and Android):
Instances for other cities are in preparation.

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