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The global sightseeing app to guide and egage visitors at tourist attractions.


Every time you visit a museum you either get an audioguide that many people would not take or have to download its branded app that you would delete right after. CloudGuide unites all the tourist attractions in a single app with official content, creating a long-lasting experience for the visitor and boosting engagement with the site.
Our company targets tourist institutions in cities with clear innovative goals to become sustainable smart cities that today’s social and environmental challenges require. Major crowds and long queues at one place, barely visited institutions at the other, complaining residents and unsatisfied visitors. Tourism in some cities has become at least as much as a burden as a benefit, making it difficult for cities to grow the right way. CloudGuide aims to interconnect the cultural tourism sites, dispersing the tourist masses from overcrowded spots (demassification and redistribution).
CloudGuide already works with over 1000 institutions in 26 countries, including Atomium, Parks of Sintra, SF Conservatory of Flowers, museums of the Spanish Ministry of Culture, etc.

City / Region where the solution was deployed

Spain, UK, Belgium, Germany, France, USA


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