Costifier makes fast and accurate (>%90) cost estimations for the product to be manufactured by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in manufacturing industry. SMEs in manufacturing industry can not predict costs accurately, they either bid too low causing to lose money or too high causing not getting the job. SMEs make subjective assessments and use Excel tables and try to find similarity with previous parts. The accuracy of this method is very low. Machine learning model is created by Costifier from company's previous data for each SME and they use this model in cloud (SaaS) for making highly accurate (> 90%) and fast (1-2 sec) cost estimation for the product to be manufactured.


As the target market, SMEs in manufacturing industry who have manufacturing data are selected. The reason for selecting this segment is that they have their manufacturing data to be modeled with ML algorithms. If they start using software such as ERP, MRP we can reach the enough data to use. The reason we have applied this event is that these SMEs can be possible audience of the event.