The kulTura project is a local example of good practice in the field of revitalising and experiencing cultural heritage (also) through digitisation. The main objective of the project, which is being implemented by the University of Ljubljana (a collaboration between the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture), is to connect, through mobile technology, border towns and communities whose cultural heritage is otherwise less known due to their small size and inaccessibility. In this context, the KulTura mobile app has been designed to guide users to points of interest of cultural heritage (for now in the Croatian town of Jastrebarsko and the Slovenian town of Črnomelj) through imaginative stories. The basic story introduces the user to the history of the town, spiced with some narrative freedom and visual enhancements, and then, at each point of cultural heritage interest, presents the user with a challenge which, if solved correctly, rewards the user with certain benefits from local providers (food, drink, accommodation, tourist experiences, etc.).The great advantage of the app is that it is designed to involve all towns and communities with interesting stories and heritage sites that otherwise remain less visited. The app also includes augmented reality (AR) functionalities to provide a modern experience of cultural heritage.
As the app is developed in collaboration with the local communities involved, it is tailored to the users and the communities, which also connect and get to know each other in this way.

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