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How to communicate online about sensitive, confidential or other important things? Smart also means secure, privacy-preserving, safe and resilient; in other words: trusted and trustworthy. Not only internally within one department of a municipality, but also interdepartemental, cross-organisational, cross-communal, cross-regional, cross-functional, cross-sectorial and cross-national. Urban (and Rural) Society does not stop at the border of a municipality, and does not only consist of the municipality; it is an ecosystem, a hyperconnected kosmos. Smart Societies and Communities have continous cross-over needs, that are not solved by using either military grade communication systems, or commercial communication platforms with a focus on profitability and that have ever changing business models.

NTF Platform, high secure communication, offers high secure mobile & live meetings: audio, video and screen sharing, with all the cross-department, cross-sectorial and other cross-over capabilities one needs. It consists of two (2) main videocall capabilities: (A) P2P videocalls up to 8 persons, which is a true example of Far Edge communication, and (B) P2P ‘streaming’ supported from 8 persons and up, which combines Far Edge protocols with an auxiliary engine/server, while not storing any communication data (so, a hybrid of Edge and Far Edge). In the same manner, audiocalls are obviously also possible, next to screen sharing.

NTF High Secure Communication Platform has been built from scratch, ground-up based on open standards and P2P protocols, with security and privacy by design by default, GDPR-compliant, and for instance without the use of any third party libraries. So, in short, 100% Dutch/EU native source code, run on Dutch/EU ISPs. Other notable capabilities can be found here: NTF platform is only offered to and can only be used by selected organisations.

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