Our solution is under a complete conformity assessment within the ETSI ISG PDL for poC frameworks and there is public information within the ETSi wiki group herein: https://pdlwiki.etsi.org/index.php?title=PoC_03:_Timeless_in_Metaverse_Environment_based_on_Edge_networks_(TIME)
This PoC is to prove the On Demand Content creation in Timeless in Metaverse environment, and demonstrates
1. The Metaverse Traveller(MT), who want to have/watch the content/live video in the specific geological
location, and the Real world Traveller(RT), who want to create/transfer the content as MT requested,
meet on the hybrid peer to peer network and signs the smart contract on the hybrid peer to peer
network. (On demand basis Content creation)
2. The RT creates the content to fulfil the requirement of the content buyer on the hybrid peer to peer
network (Content Creation under the smart contract policy)
3. The created content is being tokenized (Non-Fungible Token creation)
4. The content is delivered autonomously to the MT with optimized Content delivery methodology
i. Cloud Server system (Classic Content delivery system)
ii. Hybrid Peer to Peer system (Server + Peer network)
iii. Edge network (direct to direct between peer)
5. These demonstrated scope of the smart contract contains Online, Offline, and On-Offline based
contract, and standardized and interoperable data collaborative infrastructure which create the digital
single market with decentralized autonomous participants on the edge network.

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