iMIND is a set of technological solutions formed by multiples devices, a platform and an app. Depending on the issue to address, the implementation of iMIND will vary for users and managers in order to save water in many ways, to use micromobility services, monitor air quality values, save water, quantify people crowding or entering a space of tracking parking spots.

In an holistic vision, iMIND value proposition is to allow the measurement of different variables for managers and users to know more about the impact of their activity in sustainability and environment. As said, there are individual and more pragmatic value propositions like: saving water while increasing quality of life and service, differentiation and promotion for cities and companies using these technologies, and many more.

We produce, install and maintain physically and virtually these devices working, charging the customers (who might or might not be users too) for the products and the data. There is a whole value chain surrounding iMIND, as the technology is capable of integrating and being integrated with or within third parties’ tools like ERPs, databases, Business Intelligence systems, etc.

City / Region where the solution was deployed

Granada (Spain)


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