Climate change is making water resources ever more discontinuous and unpredictable, with increasing periods of droughts. This situation is particularly evident in Mediterranean climates and, in general, in regions where the water sourcing relies on rivers and reservoirs. We have developed a technology capable of monitoring and modeling the water cycle at catchment scale, i.e. to digitally reproduce the physical processes responsible for water availability. This is particularly beneficial for Water Utilities that need to manage reservoirs and to make sure that the water will be available for civil and agricultural use. With our solution, we want to provide: a) forecast services of the water inflow that reach the reservoirs in order to predict drought events; b) a tool to manage the reservoirs, capable of simulating reservoir level evolution according to simulated forecast scenarios and taking into account withdrawals or inputs from human activities.
"Manage the unavoidable, avoid the unmanageable": with our solution drought events will be better managed, reducing harsh consequences for activities relying on water.

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