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Driven by technology, powered by human relationships: this is MYKE, our Intelligent System.
With a simple free APP, we create virtuous connections between cyclists and urban territory, citizens and shops, tourists and infrastructure, because cycling is freedom and parking in a simple and safe way. Myke easily finds the safer location where you can PARK your bike.
If you have a business, a garage, a parking lot and you want to offer the manned shelter forr bikes, electric micro-vehicles, motorcycles, etc., Myke connects you and the Customers facilitating the contact, booking, check-in and check-out and the payments.
Private individuals with available, accessible and safe places can also allow the parking of bicycles, scooters and other velocipedes, gaining from an unused space.
All you need is a mykeLOCK®, Myke's intelligent lock, to allow automatic and controlled access to the shelter and receive the payment for the given service.
Cyclist and Urban Bikers just need to download the App, park their bike in an available Myke POINT and enjoy their freedom .

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