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Design, development, production, and marketing of products for intelligent monitoring and remote management of infrastructures, based on the latest innovative technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing Platforms and Apps for mobile devices.


In the new economy, the role of digitization is increasingly present, and new resources are becoming available in a new era in water management and smart agriculture. There is a need for technologies that increase water and fertilizers use efficiency, decreasing water scarcity and the discharge of water and fertilizers to the environment. In this frame, Smart Agriculture is created as a solution that offers a comprehensive platform to help farmers manage their crops in a more sustainable and ecological way, by means of recommendations and precision irrigation management to improve water use efficiency and fertilizing practices, two key aspects of crop management. To better adjust recommendations, there are services based on Big Data, A.I., and data fusion techniques, using information from IoT devices, weather stations and satellite imagery.

Website: https://www.odins.es/
Mobile app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1Flh0IbxYQ
Success story example: https://smart-agriculture.odins.es

City / Region where the solution was deployed

Mainly in Spain and Mexico, integrating clients' farms located in different areas/regions in these countries.


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