We are a team of cybersecurity experts with solid business understanding. Our mission is to deliver scalability and security for your business using the best digital solutions. Our solutions include information security consulting and security services that span the entire cybersecurity space. From defining strategy and identifying threats to deploying the right technology and ensuring operational readiness, Sandline helps clients plan, build and run more successful cybersecurity protection programs. Our solutions address the needs of corporate clients, large-sized enterprises operating on international markets, but also we love to help small businesses to thrive in a safe environment. Our Client List includes top brands and institutions. Our competitive advantage is our people: a team of highly skilled professionals with strong expertise and extensive experience. We use our creative potential, knowledge, and experience to develop innovative and effective solutions addressing the needs of your business so that you can stay competitive.


Essential Services Operators under the NIS/NIS 2.0 Directive or any company cybersecurity aware wanting to improve their cybersecurity posture and vulnerability management process.


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