Digital Opportunities – ICT Jobs & Skills for Refugees

In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance and its members have developed a Digital Opportunities Portal to provide refugees with jobs, trainings, and skills. This platform is freely available for all companies and training providers to contribute by publishing their opportunities.

We strongly condemn the unilateral aggression and express our utmost support and solidarity for Ukraine and its people. They will require long-term support to rebuild their lives and country. Therefore, over the past weeks, we, together with our member associations, have gathered ideas and initiatives from our members to provide our fellow European citizens of Ukraine with means of support. This will allow Ukrainian refugees, as well as anyone else who has left their country for better chances in Europe, to find the relevant offers from ICT employers and training providers.

The Digital Opportunities Portal is available here. Please submit your upskilling, training, and employment opportunities via the portal to support Ukrainians looking for ways to rebuild and continue their livelihoods.

The Digital Opportunities Portal is supported by: