Digital SkillUp* is dedicated to making basic knowledge on emerging technologies available and accessible to all Europeans, with a special focus on the digital skills of citizens and SMEs. It aims to create an online training space that will offer learning content and opportunities on topics like IoT, blockchain, robotics and automation, cybersecurity and trust, virtual and augmented reality.

The Digital SkillUp portal developed as part of the project will soon be launched and will offer online training modules tackling the digital revolution and emerging technologies. The portal is intended to support citizens’ and SMEs’ understanding of the topics and their re-skilling and upskilling efforts and act as a guide for users interested in learning about emerging technologies. Three new modern and highly engaging courses on specific emerging technologies will be developed within the project, adapted to the needs of identified end-users and stakeholders in Europe.

In addition, the portal will feature an online searchable Catalogue of the training courses on emerging technologies. It will showcase the best in online education in Europe and serve as a single access point, where citizens and workers will be enabled to explore digital skills training initiatives, search and filter relevant courses.

*Digital SkillUp is the brand name of the outputs created under the European Digital Academy project, funded by the European Commission with support of the European Parliament.

DIGITAL SME leads the work package on Mapping and assessment of digital skills needs and existing trainings for SMEs and citizens. The main findings were detailed in a Report on European educational and training landscape and training needs for citizens and SMEs, which will be available on the Digital SkillUp Portal. This information will feed into the development of online courses offered via the portal.

In addition, DIGITAL SME is responsible for building a network of relevant stakeholders. After identifying and mapping stakeholders from the digital skills supply and demand side, DIGITAL SME developed a value proposition detailed in the Stakeholder Engagement Concept Report and will organise stakeholder engagement activities.

September 2020:

  • 16 September: Digital SkillUp’s Second Strategic Seminar will aim to gather stakeholders’ feedback on core elements of the developed Digital SkillUp course syllabus.
  • 30 September: Digital SkillUp’s first webinar will be dedicated to training providers and to the promotion of their training courses on the Digital SkillUp portal. More information here.

This project has received funding from the European Union.

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