European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC)

The European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC) is an initiative of companies, supported by the European Commission, which aims to harness the enabling emission-reducing potential of digital solutions to all other sectors.

The main aim of the European Green Digital Coalition is to maximise the sustainability benefits of digitalisation within the ICT sector, while supporting sustainability goals of other key sectors (energy, transport, agriculture, smart cities, manufacturing, buildings/construction). The Coalition recognises the need for science–based methods to estimate the reduction and avoidance of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by specific ICT solutions across sectors. This will accelerate the sustainability and circular transitions of these sectors while contributing to an innovative, inclusive, and resilient society.

The Coalition was officially launched on Digital Day 2021 in Porto, formed by 26 CEOs of ICT companies who signed a Declaration to support the Green and Digital Transformation of the EU.  By signing the declaration, companies commit to act in the following areas:

  • To invest in the development and deployment of greener digital technologies & services that are more energy and material efficient,
  • To develop methods and tools to measure the net impact of green digital technologies on the environment and climate by joining forces with NGOs and relevant expert organisations, and
  • To co-create with representatives of other sectors recommendations and guidelines for green digital transformation of these sectors that benefits environment, society, and economy.

Please visit the project website to learn more about the Green Digital Coalition.

As part of the EGDC Secretariat, DIGITAL SME facilitates the cooperation between EGDC members and partners, key experts and EU institutions to develop a science-based approach to maximise the benefits of the green and digital twin transition. As such, DIGITAL SME is leading the consultation activities of the EGDC. Notably, DIGITAL SME is organising the sector-specific workshops to guide the deployment of ICT solutions with a positive impact across sectors, and managing the activities of the EGDC Advisory Board. In addition, DIGITAL SME ensures SME representation in the EGDC methodologies and the guidelines for deployment of green digital solutions across all sectors.
To that end, the DIGITAL SME Focus Group ICT Sustainability is involved in the EGDC as the EGDC Working Group SME Inclusion (WG5), to contribute to shaping the EGDC methodologies and making them SME-friendly.

Further, DIGITAL SME is leading the communications activities of the EGDC.

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