i3-MARKET: Intelligent, Interoperable, Integrative and deployable open source MARKETplace with trusted and secure software tools for incentivising the industry data economy

Duration: 36 months

Progress: M10

i3-MARKET will develop technologies and solutions for a trusted (secure, self-governing, consensus-based and auditable), interoperable (semantic-driven) and decentralised (scalable) infrastructure for data-driven collaboration and federation of existing and new future marketplace platforms. The i3-MARKET Backplane will enable federation via interoperability of the existing and future emerging data spaces and marketplaces.

It will allow SMEs (as well as other stakeholders) to share, trade (monetize) their data assets, as well as to use and buy it from the others. Thus, it will incentivise and enable the creation of a more trusted European data market.

The i3-MARKET project will develop lacking technologies and tools that help overcome the main barriers of current data markets and economies, namely: openness and fairness limitations, security and privacy threats, interoperability issues.

DIGITAL SME leads the work package on dissemination, engagement and community building. The organisation is in charge of the communication strategy and the stakeholder engagement plan and the final report, will organise three dissemination events, produce newsletters and disseminational materials, coordinate the content of the i3-MARKET website and manage i3-MARKET’s activities on social media.

Besides, DIGITAL SME contributes to the use case definition and realisation with a special focus on the perspective of SMEs. Input will be collected through a dedicated workshop organized with SMEs around Europe.

September 2020: i3-MARKET’s first newsletter is now available! Find out about the latest news of the project below:

i3-MARKET 1 Newsletter

Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first-ever newsletter of the i3-MARKET project!

2020 is a difficult year amid COVID-19, but the i3-MARKET team has kept working from home, participating in and organising virtual events and activities which we present in this Newsletter!

You can get involved with the project by answering our survey on the effects of COVID-19 on the data marketplace economy or by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The coordinators' foreword

Intelligent, interoperable, integrative and deployable marketplaces

Digital transformation is a European Priority. Indeed, data and data marketplaces are the drivers of our future economy.

In today’s industrial market, despite various research and innovation attempts working on Big Data management, integration, and the commercialisation of data for personal and industrial use, there is no broadly accepted, trusted, and secure data marketplace.

i3-MARKET will address the necessity of developing lacking technologies and tools for a trusted data-marketplace ecosystem by enabling security, self-governing, consensus, and auditable elements, including privacy, with the objective to activate interoperable and intelligent data marketplace ecosystems with decentralised and scalable infrastructure(s). 

Newsletter article #2

The biggest challenges related to data marketplaces and data monetisation

On 23 July 2020, i3-MARKET hosted its first online workshop dedicated to the needs of potential end-users of the i3-MARKET solutions.

Through an open discussion and an interactive brainstorming session, the participants identified and discussed the biggest challenges related to data marketplaces, data usage and data monetisation:

1. Companies struggle with using the data they collect
2. Companies have trouble finding accessible data sets
3. There is a general lack of trust in data marketplaces

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Newsletter article #3

How does COVID-19 affect Big Data and Data Marketplaces?

COVID-19 has significantly disrupted our economy. However, some of its impacts are also positive as more and more companies tend to digitalise and thus increase their competitiveness.

Without a doubt, none of the digital business models are possible without data. Therefore, the i3-MARKET project seeks to analyse the impact of COVID-19 on global data markets and Marketplaces.

Our survey targets both data users and data providers (SMEs and large companies, research institutions, etc.). 

Are you one of them? Then take two minutes to fill in the 5 multiple choice questions!

Stay tuned for the results by registering to our newsletter and following us on social media!

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Newsletter article #3

Our events

In the last months, you might have seen us in several events related to data marketplaces. Despite the circumstances, we have been doing our best to inform our audience and stakeholders about i3-MARKET's progress, participating in webinars and organising online workshops. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming events!

Partners corner

One of our partners, the Horizon 2020 project Big Data Value Ecosystem, has developed a marketplace for big data solutions.

The marketplace also features a match-making platform for those who upload their product or challenge.
Browse or upload solutions / innovations / challenges!

Visit the marketplace

In addition, i3-MARKET is involved and in cooperation with: 

  • FInES – Future Internet Enterprise Systems,
  • AIOTI  – Association for the Internet of Things Innovation
  • The European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things.     
Learn more about i3-MARKET's ecosystem of partners and projects
Newsletter article #2

COVID-19 amid Research Activities

As a mainly digital project, we are in the lucky position to keep working on i3-MARKET with full force despite the current pandemic. We are staying connected to our stakeholders, building the platform, and informing the public about our progress!

It is our goal to contribute to a European data market infrastructure that helps you plug your data to the world—no matter if it rains, shines, or if there’s a global pandemic.

By using multiple views and based on experiences, the NUIG team has built easy-to-read documents to make your journey less painful and at the same time find your way to work from home more efficiently amid COVID-19.

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i3-MARKET partners in the spotlight

Each newsletter will feature two partners of the project. For this first edition, let us introduce you the coordinator, NUIG and the communication lead, DIGITAL SME.

Established in 1845, the National University of Ireland Galway’s (NUIG) has a long history of innovation. The Data Science Institute (DSI) is a dedicated research institute of NUIG. At DSI, research focuses on how to build a fundamental understanding of how information and knowledge are increasingly driving society through digital processes, and of the tools, techniques and principles supporting a data-enhanced world.

As the coordinator of i3-MARKET, NUIG is responsible for leading, delegating, and harmonising all tasks of the project.
NUIG’s lead will assure that the challenging objectives related to data markets and to the data economy will be effectively achieved.

NUIG researchers Dr. Martin Serrano and Dr. Achille Zappa are coordinating i3-MARKET

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European DIGITAL SME Alliance (DIGITAL SME) is the largest network of ICT small- and medium- sized enterprises in Europe, representing about 20.000 digital SMEs. The Brussels-based Alliance is the joint effort of 30 national and regional SME associations from EU member states and neighbouring countries to put digital SME at the center of the EU agenda. DIGITAL SME is a registered interest representative in the EU.

As communications lead of the i3-MARKET project, DIGITAL SME designs and implements the communication and dissemination strategy, coordinates and implements the content on the i3-MARKET website, organises dissemination events, produces newsletters and dissemination materials, and manages i3-MARKET's social media.

Justina Bieliauskaite, Déborah Goll and Moritz Zimmermann are DIGITAL SME's team working in i3-MARKET.

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The i3-Market project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 871754. 

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Horizon2020 Research and Innovation programme.