KYKLOS 4.0: An Advanced Circular and Agile Manufacturing Ecosystem based on rapid reconfigurable manufacturing process and individualized consumer preferences

Duration: 48 months

Progress: Month 19

April 2021: The KYKLOS 4.0 Open Call #1 is now open for application! If you are an SME developping solutions for the digital and circular manufacturing domain, apply here and win up to 150,000€ equity-free funding!

Deadline: 30 June 2021, 17:00 CEST

January 2021: The second KYKLOS 4.0 newsletter is now online! Check it out by clicking on the button below to learn more about the project, its pilots and technology, and get more information on the 1st Open Call for SMEs and the call for Evaluators that will soon be launched!

September 2020: The first KYKLOS 4.0 newsletter has just been published! Check it out by clicking on the button below to learn more about the project, its pilots and technology, and get some first-hand information about the upcoming call for funding aimed at SMEs.

KYKLOS 4.0 aims at providing an Ecosystem which creates and supports the configurations, methodologies, production techniques, decisions and actions at all different levels and stages of the equipment manufacturing value chain so as to achieve the goals of i) increased energy efficiency, ii) decrease of raw material through to the second use of parts or material (including waste from manufacturing process), iii) customer centricity, iv) on-demand manufacturing and best meet the Industry 4.0 objectives of operational excellence, where mass customization and personalization have become the norm, while increase efficiency, reduce waste, boost competitiveness and lower costs for European manufacturers, particularly for the SMEs.

KYKLOS 4.0 will deliver a set of intelligent tools for real-time analytics and prediction, and recommender systems, further integrated into Kyklos 4.0 configuration environment.

DIGITAL SME participates in the management of the two Open Calls for SMEs and has an active role in communication and dissemination activities. In addition, DIGITAL SME contributes to the exploitation strategy and supports the cost-benefit analysis and business model preparation.

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Horizon2020 Research and Innovation programme.