About the project

Small businesses with a limited number of developers, which ideally should be focused on core product and service development, are found constantly in need of tackling security, compliance and code vulnerabilities by designing software security mechanisms to prevent data breaches and ensure customer privacy. Therefore, the UNICORN project aims at simplifying the design, deployment and management of secure and elastic –by design- multi-cloud services. Towards this end, the Unicorn vision can be considered two-fold:

  1. to enable software developers to design and develop secure and elastic applications through a cloud/web plug-in;
  2. to increase the awareness of all stakeholders involved in this value chain, fostering innovation through an increased provision and adoption of cloud computing services by SMEs and startups.

One-pager about the project can be found here.

DIGITAL SME leads the communication and dissemination working package, having an active role in spreading the results of the project at the European scale and acting as a disseminator and facilitator to SMEs.

Duration: 36 months


The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Horizon2020 Research and Innovation programme.

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