Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation 2022: Bridging EU policies and ICT standardisation

  • In support of EU policies and objectives, the EC released the 2022 edition of the Rolling Plan on ICT Standardisation.

  • This year’s edition introduced three foundational topics necessary to support technology uptake and digital transformation for all sectors.

  • DIGITAL SME participates in the Rolling Plan’s development, on behalf of Small Business Standards, to voice SMEs’ needs, views, and interests in standardisation.

On 26 April, the European Commission released the 2022 Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation. The Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation is an annual document that provides an overview of ICT standardisation needed to support policy at the EU level.

The Rolling Plan consists of four thematic areas supported by about 170 actions for ICT standardisation:

  1. Key Enablers and Security: 5G, Cloud and Edge Computing, Big Data, Open Data, and Public Sector Information, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity/Network and Information Security, Electronic Identification
  2. Societal Challenges: E-health, Healthy living and Ageing, Education, Digital Skills and Digital Learning, Emergency Communications
  3. Innovation for the Digital Single Market: E-Procurement, E-Invoicing, Retail Payment
  4. Sustainable Growth: Smart Grids and Smart Metering, ICT Environmental Impact, Digitisation of European Industry

To reflect on the convergence of digital technologies across other sectors and take into consideration the role of standards in the digital transformation and green transition, this year’s Rolling Plan introduced a new section on three foundational topics: Data economy, cybersecurity, and e-privacy, where standards need to be referenced by many stakeholders across the spectrum.

The Rolling Plan is developed by the European Commission and the Multi Stakeholder Platform on ICT Standardisation (MSP) – an advisory expert group on all matters related to European ICT standardisation. In addition to representatives from EU and EFTA member states, the MSP is comprised of European and international standard developing organisations (e.g. CEN/CENELEC, ETSI, ISO, IEC), stakeholder organisations (e.g. AGE, ETUC, ANEC) and business associations. An MSP Task Force is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the development of the Rolling Plan. DIGITAL SME is an active member in both the MSP and the MSP Task Force, representing the interests of SMEs in standardisation on behalf of Small Business Standards.



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