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Europe’s industry has led the world to new innovations for centuries, and it remains strong until today. As on all other continents, small and medium-sized enterprises make up the vast majority of companies. Despite its strength and innovativeness, Europe is at risk to fall behind in the global digital race. There is a shocking lack of digitally skilled workforce across the continent, resulting in an estimated digital skills gap of as many as 1,000,000 workers. Given that we are currently in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution, this gap is poised to grow ever more rapidly.

Digital Skills Gap: 1,000,000 workers missing

It is clear that Europe needs a comprehensive digital skills strategy to return to the forefront of global industry leadership.

DIGITAL SME contributes to this digital skills leadership by promoting policy that has SMEs’ interests at its core. Through various activities, working groups, projects, events, and policy papers, we raise awareness about the need for SME-centred skills policy, and our efforts are paying off. There is a growing recognition among stakeholders that the digital skills situation is serious, that we need to address it quickly and comprehensively, and that SMEs must be front and centre in our efforts to improve it.

You can find more information about our various activities, recent news, and useful resources for SMEs below.

WG Skills

WG SKILLS is the heart of our Digital Skills policy. The working group was established with the core purpose of helping to close the digital skills gap in Europe. WG SKILLS covers a variety of topics related to skills development, re-skilling and easier outsourcing, among others. WG SKILLS' expertise includes digital skills, social dialogue, movement of workers, competence centres, work-life balance, and other areas.

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Resources for SMEs

There is a sea of resources out there, but few of them provide a tangible benefit to SMEs. Through years of expertise and feedback about the efficacy of various tools and resources, we have curated a list of dedicated SME skills resources. Our resources section includes a map of digital skills initiatives in Europe, GDPR Training for SMEs and individuals, Conference presentations, working papers about digital skills, and many more.

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Skills Strategy 2030

This is our vision for a coordinated European Skills Strategy until 2030. DIGITAL SME Skills Strategy 2030 is a product of extensive study, consultation, and collaboration between different stakeholders: SMEs, associations, consultancys, and EU & national public administrations. The efforts were lead by DIGITAL SME together with Capgemini Invent and Technopolis Group, and are currently under consideration by the European Commission.

The DIGITAL SME Skills Strategy 2030


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